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  • G.H.O.S.T. Squad.

THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD 4 - Mini Deluxe Arcade Machine

In 2000, the evil genius Dr. Goldman led his army of the undead in an attack against humanity. He lost the battle then... Will he lose the war now? You are an AMS agent - a paramilitary force created by free world governments to stop the spread of terrorism and other global threats. You know this enemy after facing him the last time he and his legions of zombies crawled to the surface. After your last encounter Goldman went back underground to rebuild his forces for a new assault. That day has arrived..!

House of the dead

Width : 41.5in Height : 77in Depth : 55in Monitor : 29in Manufacturing : Sega Year : 2005

A new crop of top dogs has evolved into the next generation of high security Special Forces, that is the G.H.O.S.T. Squad. With more skill and brawn than their predecessors, the new squad has been called for higher threat missions with bigger guns and bad ass threads.




virtua cop logo

VIRTUA COP 3 - Arcade Machine


virtua cop 3

Five years ago, crime lords controlled the streets of Virtua City. They were repelled by a new brand of cop...the Virtua Cop! Since then, the crime lords have been busy plotting a new attack and once again, Virtua City is calling on the Virtua Cops. When it's over, the crime lords will be wishing they never climbed out of their holes!


Virtua Cop 3 features: *A new standard weapon "The Guardian II" - more accurate and powerful than anything a beat cop has ever carried.

Weapon changing system - collect them as you go through the game. Press the special weapon button to change your firearm. *ES Mode - a revolutionary Virtua armanent. Step down on the foot controller to activate and watch time virtually stand still. It gives you all the time you'll need to react to your enemy before they get the jump on you Virtua Cop 3 ... If you're in their sights, you're already dead!

Width : 78cm Height : 177cm Depth : 180cm approx Manufacturer : Sega Year : 2003

crisis zone logo

CRISIS ZONE - Deluxe Arcade Machine

crisis zone arcade

Join Crisis Zone's elite special forces right in the thick of the action...the graphic firepower of Crisis Zone is play increases in difficulty as you advance from each of the three levels...leave all other shooting games pinned down at the perimeter!

CRISIS ZONEThe gameplay is similiar to Time Crisis in which you step on the "action pedal" to fire, and you release it to reload and hide from enemy fire, but this time, you are equipped with a submachine gun. The enemies are now stronger as well, as they are now wearing body armor. They have a meter above their head which shows their armour strength, and when it is empty, after taking many hits, they die. The third in the Time Crisis Zone series from Namco this is bigger and better along with the armour clad enemies you'll be facing. Now they will have a life metre above their heads indicating how well their armour is holding out before you can deli ever the final blow. Although they have the armour you are now equipped with a submachine gun to do some serious damage with


This is a single player feature so you're out there on your own. However, you still have the "action pedal" feature which allows you to interact with the game releasing the pedal when ever you need to duck and reload from your enemies. This is one of the most exciting gun games out on the market and at under £1,500 this one will not be on the market for long.

Width : 51in Height : 91.5in Depth : 77in Type : Deluxe - Shooting Manufacturer : Namco Year : 1995 Power : 600watts


Alliens Extermination 4


Not Just Another Bug Hunt! It's been years since the Colonial Marines left planet LV-426 and the Alien population behind. It's time to go back to finish off the Alien monsters…and more! The world seems familiar, but the scenario is not. Since the Marine's last visit, the “Wheland Yutan Corporation”, reprogrammed an army of synthetic humans to stop anything from getting in the way from the Company's development of their deadly Bio Weapons. It's not as simple as just killing

alliens logo

Game Features - Force Feed-back Gun Action - 2 player simultaneous cooperative action - Original licensed characters - Colonial Marines, Face Hugger, Warrior Aliens, Eggs, - State of the art arsenal includes: - M41-A Pulse Rifle, Flame Thrower, Grenades, and Missile Launcher - Power-up for Health, Ammo, Grenades, Missiles, and Flame Canisters - 4 Levels of Nail Biting Action - Two Different Play Modes – Story and Chapter - Proven Earnings

alliens feature]


Width : 36in Height : 80in Depth : 56in Weight : 450lbs Manufacturer : Global VR


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